Being rubbish at video games – A Beginner’s Guide

First things first: Welcome(!) Thank you for visiting my gaming blog. After weeks of trying to find pictures of Rooks to use as the site’s icon (these things matter!), I’m very happy to publishing my first post. I want to use this one to explain a little about why I’m writing and what I may or may not be writing about.

The title of my blog may be a little misleading. I’m not in fact a video games rookie. I’ve played and/or watched lots of video games. However, I chose the title because despite this, I’m not very good at them. I fall off cliffs into the sea. I get spotted within two seconds flat. I sometimes get perfected by Roger Jnr, and I won’t even mention driving games! Even in what may be my proudest gaming moment – completing Devil May Cry 4 (on easy mode of course), I had to get my boyfriend to do the weird jumping over lasers section. I do dread to think what you would make of me if I were part of your Splatoon team.

So, I want to look at what makes games hard, and what makes them easy. What makes them appeal to someone like me, and try to help you decide if they will appeal to someone like you. I also want to give games the wide-focus, looking at issues in the gaming world as well as themes that stem from games. Occasionally I might ask you to play ‘Snog, Marry, Avoid’ with my favourite game characters, but lets just hope it never comes to that.

Now I’m off to write my first proper post, but i’d love you to let me know what you’d like to see here, and what kind of games YOU find impossibly difficult (or, you know, if you’re good at games then give some tips on how to improve my aim)

Pix1001 x

“Hold your fire! I’m a Human”

Credit: Capcom - Resident Evil Revelations
Image: Capcom – Resident Evil Revelations



5 thoughts on “Being rubbish at video games – A Beginner’s Guide

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  1. While I’m a very “experienced” gamer, when I go online to play competitively, I fail majorly. But, beating the computer AI on hard; no problem.

    What I’m saying here, everyone has his or her skills in the vast world of gaming. Believe me, the more you try, the more skills you will get. In the beginning, I wasn’t good in RPG games and now I can beat most of them on normal difficulty.

    Don’t worry about racing games, I’m pretty bad at them as well. Including platformers. Oh deary me. Parcouring is a nightmare for me. Whoops, I’m rambling here.

    Anyways, great article. I hope you enjoy the world of video game bloggers


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  2. Haha! Thanks for the follow and the comment! It’s great to know there is such an active blogging community around video games – I figured lots of people wrote blogs, but I didn’t think it would be as friendly and encouraging as it seems to be, I’m looking forward to getting stuck in.


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