Creative Christmas: 23rd December 2017

Dashing through the snow, on a one-horse….oops, I fell off. Ok, Christmas is nearly upon us now, and the snow is falling all around. There’s an open fire, and a feeling of romance in the air (although the snow bit was a lie, it’s grey and rainy as usual). Anyway, here is my answer to the Creative Christmas question for December 23rd. As always, huge thanks to Kim from Later Levels for organising – I literally do not know how she has time!

Today’s question is one I categorically should not be allowed to answer, due to my slightly concerning interest in shippy fanfiction, but I shall attempt to do so without embarrassing myself. The question is:

“The party is still going strong and you find yourself conveniently positioned under the mistletoe. Which video game character would you call over for a cheeky kiss?”

Ok, I had to think pretty hard about this one. It is possible that my partner might read this, so I don’t necessarily want to confess to all my girly video-game crushes. So, leaving Oerba Yun Fang to pick fights with the neighbours and Leon S. Kennedy looking dejected by the bar, I’ve gone for a totally out-of-this world option:

L’cirufe (Xenoblade Chronicles X)


So, there we can see L’cirufe, or just L as he is more commonly called looking rather contemplative. He doesn’t look at all evil does he? Well, that is what I thought when I decided to choose him for this, but having done some light-googling, I came across a forum which postulated that he is actually the devil…However, I’ve decided to ignore this and just to think of him as good old L, rather than re-ordering the letters in his name to spell Lucifer.

Anyway, moving on, why did I pick L for this? First reason is simple. He is an alien. I’ve never kissed an alien, and other than at this Christmas party I am never likely to. Also, not only is he an alien, but as far as I know, he may be the only one of his species, which makes it extra special.

With L being an alien (but definitely not the devil), he isn’t used to our customs. Christmas seems a bit strange to him, especially as he has no family to hang out with, so I think he might be a bit lonely. However, he doesn’t just lurk in the corner on his own, oh no, he is going round the room trying to learn everything he can about christmas, and unintentionally making people laugh in the process. I think this is charming and sweet (not the devil).

After he spends a bit of time explaining to people how he’s going to put a sock on them, and knocking some gatecrashers to the ground, declaring straight-faced that “they fell for it! Get it?!”, I get a chance to chat to him and he explains to me that he owns this great shop in New L.A., he tells me stories of Nopon’s and other weirdly infuriating creatures, and briefly mentions something called the ‘life-hold core’, which sounds fascinating but I don’t want to ask too many questions.

So he owns a shop, has blue hair and is a fascinating alien from outer space with an unintentionally brilliant sense of humour. I feel a bit sorry for him and he wants to learn about human customs, so what better choice is there? I’m sold ♥

Ok, so what do you think? What do you mean you wouldn’t kiss the devil at a christmas party? What do you mean I should have picked Leon S. Kennedy instead?! Well go on then, let me know who you’d have picked below, and be sure to check out the weird and wonderful choices the other bloggers have made.

Thanks for reading!

Pix1001 x

P.S. I’ll be back serving up a culinary treat on December 28th, but before that, Merry Christmas everybody, take it easy 🙂


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  1. As an Alien maybe he doesn’t understand the strange human practice of lip locking for shared mutual enjoyment. Perhaps on his planet they bump bellybuttons instead? If indeed he has a bellybutton.

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