GamersUnitedGG Blogging Competition: Week 3 – Gaia Theory

Well this is it. The final week of the GamersUnitedGG blogging competition run by the wonderful Luna! This is sure to be an exciting end to what has been a wonderful competition, as both myself and Daniel from Home Button Gaming are currently tied on 17 points. What fiendish prompt would Luna have in store for us this week…?

After creating my hero Osha and my villain Mira, week 3’s prompt is:

Week 3: January 22nd – January 29th – Now that your main character and villain is created you have to give them a main objective. What is the genre and type of game? What is the premise of the game? Finish your video game!

Shoot the Rookie™ presents…A Nintendo Switch exclusive…A new IP JRPG…Available worldwide from December 1st 2021:

Gaia Theory

This is a game set on a planet colloquially known as Gaia (it has an official name, but it is difficult to render in an Earth alphabet). It is a mountainous planet with little habitable space. The planet’s main city sits in a narrow canyon between two vast mountain ranges, from which it has access to over 90% of the planets resources, both minerals from within the mountains themselves and the flora and fauna which grow around the city.

There have been some boom times, the population has expanded, but both space and other resources are growing worryingly low. The government is coming under fire from the general population – the boom times have made the people greedy and the government only care about making themselves look good. This has led to promises by the government’s leaders to offer more resources than they can supply, leaving the planet on an environmental knife-edge, as they send more and more teams to plunder its natural resources.

Enter Osha, an environmentalist. Her main objective is to save the planet and will take matters into her own hands to achieve this.

Villainous Mira on the other hand has an objective all of her own. Not happy with the gluttonous politicians that surround her, and uninterested in the plight of the people and the planet, her main objective is to harvest natural energy from the planet to make possible her escape to a new world.

The game is a JRPG, utilising a unique* party battle system (*that may not be strictly true), where you will be rewarded for not harming the local fauna, and in certain circumstances they will even join your party. There will be some hard moral choices to make, but our party members are not low on wit and humour.

There will be stealth elements, undercover elements and let’s not forget cooking (c’mon, this is a JRPG, Gateaux is important!). Our two sides will vie for control, and only one can accomplish their main objective…But who will it be, and what will be the cost?

So what do you think?  Do you wanna play this game? Do you want to know how it really ends? If you’re really quick you might even be able to enter your own game, so head on over to the GamersUnitedGG competition page and check it all out.

Thanks for reading,

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Featured image used courtesy of Nasa and the NSSDCA, who are totally awesome!

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