QOTM: The Crossover to end all Crossovers

Is it Question of the Month time again already? Wowee! That went fast! This months question, expertly hosted as always by Kim from Later Levels, has been posed by Luke from Hundstrasse, an excellent blog with lots of lovely video game ramblings – make sure you check it out!

So without further ado, Luke’s question is:

Aren’t games great? And isn’t it even greater when one game spills out into another? So for this month’s question I’d like to know what the best gaming crossover is, and most importantly why?

OK, this is a tricky one. There are an awful lot of crossovers so it took me a while to figure out my answer. However, after a while scratching my head, I realised that one of my favourite games is a crossover game. So my answer to Luke’s question is:

Project X Zone 2 (Bandai Namco, 2015)

I know I know, before you ask, I haven’t played the original Project X Zone or I imagine that would be my answer because it came first, and is, as far as I can tell, identical to the second installment. That aside, my reason for choosing this is that it isn’t a crossover between two games designed to show respect for each of them. Oh no. This is a mashup of approximately 1 billion characters and series from the history (and possibly future) of gaming. Very little respect of any kind is shown.

It utilises locations, music, weapon names, bizarrely named restoratives and of course characters (good and evil) from some of planet earth’s favourite video game series. I mean, it has Chris and Jill from Resident Evil. It also has Leon S. Kennedy and he has a rocket launcher! It has Phoenix ‘Naruhodo-kun’ Wright from Ace Attorney, and he has NO idea what is going on. It has characters from Devil May Cry, Yakuza, Mega Man, Dark Stalkers and many many more. Some of my favourite games are represented, with characters from Tales of Vesperia, Fire Emblem and Xenoblade Chronicles.

Not only does it have all these amazing characters, it also makes them interact with each other in hilarious ways. Just watching Xiaoyu from Tekken discussing exercise regimes with an increasingly irritated Chun-Li is worth the £30 for the game alone! Ever wondered how Heihachi Mishima and Goro Majima would get along? Well, wonder no more (they actually get on quite well)!

Some of our gang discussing the game’s developers

It is crude, sometimes lewd, ridiculous and hilarious. The game-play is straightforward enough, but you keep on playing just for the sheer joy of it. Just in case you’re not already won over, it EVEN features an appearance by the legend that is Segata Sanshiro and a chapter called ‘You Must Play the Sega Saturn’. I’m not sure about the Sega Saturn, but you should definitely play Project X Zone 2 on the 3DS today.

Right! that’s my point made. Now, anyone want an Oden Sandwich *winks*?

I’ll be back in a few days with March’s Top 5, but until then, thanks for reading, and remember to check out the other entries!

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15 thoughts on “QOTM: The Crossover to end all Crossovers

Add yours

  1. Damn! You took my answer!! I was going to pick this one! It’s phenomenal and completely deranged! I’m only sad it’s almost impossible to get the first game in the series.

    If you can ever get it, play Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier, it’s the game that pretty much created that “juggling” enemy mechanics. It’s a JRPG and the action is completely and utterly insane, combining different party members, different attacks, super abilities and more. Highly recommend it.

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  2. Awesome! Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll have a look into it. Sorry for stealing your answer, I am kinda pleased someone else thought of it tho! When I saw Project x Zone (2) in the shop I was frankly amazed it got a western release. Didn’t know the first one was difficult to get hold of tho, that’s disappointing.


  3. That’s a shame! I’m sure I read last year as well that the guys at Monolith who led on it had left the company, which put paid to my thoughts (well, dreams really) that there could be a third one.

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  4. This is quite an interesting game, never heard of it before and yet, there’s something about these types of games that brings together all the familia character we know and love, just to enjoy them even more by pitting them against each other.

    I really enjoyed reading about this and it does sadden me I never got to experience the game in my childhood. Who knows if I could in the near future though, but it was enjoyable and can then only say good luck in the battle against the other entries.
    Stay Cozy!

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  5. Thanks for reading 🙂 If you have a 3DS, there is a free demo available to try out! It is a really crazy and fun game, especially if you’ve played a lot of the other games that are represented.

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