A Top 5 – Halloween Style!

Happy Halloween readers, and welcome to this month’s Top 5! Just as we did last October 31st, Shoot the Rookie is doing a Halloween themed list for October, but this year we’re veering from the terrifying to the ridiculous and combining Halloween, Video Games and FASHION.

It has been a long while since I’ve talked about anything in the ‘fashion’ bracket. Far too long. So today I’m going to present to you the Top 5 Video Game Characters to Dress as for Halloween. Yep, that’s the longest Top 5 title ever and not a particularly catchy one at that, but I hope you’ll stick with me through this outrageous parade of Halloween style.

So, let’s get this show on the road (to hell):

LeChuck (Monkey Island series)


OK! LeChuck is a massive undead pirate and the scourge of the Caribbean. I mean, I guess he wasn’t always undead, but I don’t think it was a bad move for him. I mean that green tinge really sets off his eyes…

This wouldn’t be the easiest costume to replicate because of that massive oversized (but still very stylish) pirate hat, but if you have the resources I think this would be a fantastic Halloween costume, sure to scare the pants off any wannabe pirates you meet on your travels.

Lisa Garland (Silent Hill series)


I’ve noticed that nurse outfits seem to be quite popular choices for Halloween at the moment, so I thought Lisa would be an interesting twist on this already popular style. The simple contrast of white and red makes for a stylish combination.

This costume would be remarkably cheap and easy to put together although you may need to hang around with some fairly niche people if you want it to be recognized. For added impact bring a date called Harry.

Sebastian Castellanos (The Evil Within series)


Not particularly scary in himself, poor old Sebastian has been through a tough time. Somehow though, he still manages to look rather dapper if a little dishevelled.

Simple to put together for most people who own a shirt and trousers, Sebastian would be an excellent person to cosplay as this Halloween and you won’t even need access to an iron. His simple detective-chic is rounded off beautifully with a stylish trench coat. Complete with belt features on the cuffs and shoulders this coat (purchasable at famous-jackets.co.uk – apparently that is a thing) is the perfect item to keep you warm on a cold Halloween’s night whilst maintaining your cop cred.

Can be accessorized with a well-placed book of matches. Or a crossbow.

Shiragiku (Fatal Frame 5)


This is a truly dazzling outfit worn by one of the game’s most captivating and terrifying characters. Look at those ribbons in her hair. They are just perfect. The details on her kimono? Exquisite. That dead stare will take some practice though. For those of you that prefer a more ghostly appearance, the outfit is also available in white.

If hosting a Halloween party at home, be sure to decorate your abode with as many terrifying dolls as you can find. Just don’t go giving away any locks of your hair to randoms, they will only disappoint you.

Vincent Valentine (Final Fantasy VII)


Just LOOK at that cloak!

I’m noticing a lot of red in this list, I wonder what that could mean? Sure, Vinnie has spent a lot of time sleeping in that coffin of his, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t look the part when he finally awakes to exact his revenge.

The classic horror combination of black and red is given a complimentary twist here with the inclusion of brass accessories and some fairly notable beltage.

If choosing to cosplay as Vincent this Halloween, try to avoid both scientists and limit breaks. They will make your evening decidedly more difficult.

So! What do you think? Are these not the hippest most stylish Halloween outfits you can think of? No? Well let me know what costumes you’ll be wearing and fill me in on all of your spook-tacular plans below!

Fangs for reading,

Pix666 x

5 thoughts on “A Top 5 – Halloween Style!

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  1. Vincent’s outfit was the design inspiration for my first ever tabletop RPG character. That tattered red cloak is peak fashion in my view – good thing he wasn’t in High Score Haute Couture!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha that’s awesome! Yes I was thinking of High Score Haute Couture when writing this. If there was ever to be a Halloween edition of it then I think Vincent would definitely be my pick!

    Liked by 1 person

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