…On the Seventh Day of Blogmas

Happy New Year readers and welcome to both 2019 and the Seventh Day of Blogmas as we join in with this fabulous Christmas sing-a-long, all brought to you by the fantastic mind of Athena from AmbiGaming

So! What are we singing about today? Well…

On the 7th day of Christmas, the gamers said to me: Tell us your six gaming/blogging resolutions

Lets sing!

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On the 7th day of Christmas, the gamers said to me: Tell us your six gaming/blogging resolutions

Pix Xmas

OK! Lets keep this one short – I’m not really a resolutiony kind of person but it is fun to think about!

  1. Actually finish a game – I’m ashamed to say that I didn’t finish a single game in 2018. Sure, I watched my partner finish a few but that isn’t quite the same. Lets go with Persona 5 to start with, as I’m already over 30 hours in, and work from there.
  2. Go to more events – Before 2018 I’d never really been to any gaming events but I managed to go to a couple last year and really enjoyed them. The city I live in, Glasgow, is blessed with loads of video game and geek events so I’d like to go to as many as I can.img_1090
  3. Play different types of games – I play a lot of JRPG’s, a few platformers and some beat ’em ups and fighting games but I have never played a survival horror game (just watched my partner playing them). So in 2019 I’m challenging myself to play Resident Evil Zero. To be honest I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get through it as I’m a big wuss, but I want to give it a shot.
  4. Cosplay – I don’t do a lot of cosplay, so far I’ve managed Julia Chang (Tekken), Lumina (Lightning Returns) and Joker (Persona 5) but in 2019 I’d really like to try at least one more, and perhaps level up my Joker costume as well. Where I’ll wear it is another question, but hopefully at some of the events I mentioned earlier.4601e0c4-0110-474c-a3e2-1eab1d232c62
  5. Write about anime – As I mentioned above, I don’t actually get through that many games and so have found that I have started to run out of things to write about. However, I do watch quite a bit of anime and so am thinking of expanding the content of the blog to include an anime section, maybe once a month. I consider myself to already be kind of a part of the aniblogging community so I’m excited to get more involved in that.
  6. Community Community Community – I want to both take part in and organise as many community events and collaborations as I can. There have been so many awesome ones in the last year and it was an absolute honour to take part in them. First up for 2019 is Resident Evil Memories organised by Brandon from That Green Dude, and I can’t wait to get my piece for that written and then see what else is coming up. If anyone fancies a collaboration do let me know, I’m always interested to hear new ideas!

So, there are my resolutions for 2019. Do you have any interesting ones you’d like to share, or maybe even something I can help with? Let me know below and make sure you check out AmbiGaming to see what resolutions the other bloggers have made.

Thanks for reading and happy new year,

Pix1001 x

14 thoughts on “…On the Seventh Day of Blogmas

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  1. I’m mostly into Slice of Life and Fantasy! My favorite animes recently were Yuri on Ice!!! and The Ancient Magus Bride! I think my absolute favorite is Guilty Crown!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Cool! I’m in the middle of Ancient Magus Bride at the moment, really enjoying it so far. My favourite of all time is probably Cowboy Bebop.

    Other favourites include Trigun, Yona of the Dawn and Bodacious Space Pirates. I’ll need to check out Guilty Crown, I’ve never heard of that one!


  3. That would be very cool! I think if you have something appropriate to go to in cosplay (like a gaming event or something) then at least you know other people will also be dressed up! The great thing (in a cosplay sense) about Lightning is she has so many different garbs…

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