…On the Eighth Day of Blogmas

Hello readers and welcome to the Eighth Day of Blogmas as we join in with this fabulous Christmas sing-a-long, all brought to you by the fantastic mind of Athena from AmbiGaming

So! What are we singing about today? Well…

On the 8th day of Christmas, the gamers said to me: What are five games you’ve played more than once?

Lets sing!

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On the 8th day of Christmas, the gamers said to me: What are five games you’ve played more than once?

Pix Xmas

There are actually surprisingly few games I’ve played more than once, and for the first time in EVER there are no JRPGs on this list as I’ve never played one twice.

  1. Resident Evil 4 – This is the one story game that I just keep coming back to. We probably play through Resident Evil 4 about once a year and sometimes do Ada’s story too. There is just something about the story, the characters, the often hilarious dialogue and of course the Merchant that I just never get bored of. I can practically quote it line for line.Resi4
  2. Civilization – Of course, as Civilization isn’t a story based game it has pretty much infinite replay-ability value, as I wrote about recently. I have no idea how many campaigns I’ve completed. It’s unofficial catch-phrase ‘just one more turn’ definitely applies to me in a major way though!Civilizationboxart
  3. Jill of the Jungle – This is a side-scrolling action/platformer from 1992 and as a kid I played it (and it’s two sequels, Jill Goes Underground and Jill Saves the Prince) over and over and over again. It wasn’t too difficult and had fun little power ups like turning into a frog. It’s probably more than 20 years since I last played it, maybe I should see if I can find it online somewhere!Jill_of_the_Jungle_Trilogy_cover
  4. Monkey Island – I played the original Monkey Island several times as a kid, including inviting friends over to play it. I just loved it so much that I thought everyone should experience it. Happily, in recent years I got to experience it again as my partner played through the remastered version – his first time playing the game. Even though I’d played it many times before I still couldn’t remember some of the puzzles!The_Secret_of_Monkey_Island_artwork
  5. Tekken 5 – I’m not exactly sure what constitutes playing a Tekken game ‘more than once’ as it doesn’t really have an absolute end, but I’ve played through the story mode of Tekken 5 with probably every character and in lots of different situations – alone, with flatmates, in other people’s flats and with my partner. tekken5

So, what do you think? Have you played any of these games more than once? What are the games that you just keep going back to? Let me know in comments and remember to check out all of the other bloggers taking part in the Blogmas event over at AmbiGaming!

Thanks for reading,

Pix1001 x

8 thoughts on “…On the Eighth Day of Blogmas

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  1. There was a time when the first Monkey Island game was my comfort zone. Whenever I felt down, I’d play it just for a while to feel calm and relaxed again. Was it the story? The characters? Goofy dialogues? Pleasant and detailed graphics (don’t laugh, I was a proud owner of an Amiga)? All of it, but the most important thing is that close encounters with a true piece of art make people feel better.

    When it comes to games not mentioned on your list, I’ve replayed GTA San Andreas too many times for my own good and don’t regret anything. My favourite guilty pleasure, I guess.

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  2. Awesome! It’s always great to hear about other people’s experiences with Monkey Island, it seems to have been an important game to so many people!

    I’ve never played a GTA game but everyone deserves a guilty pleasure 🙂

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  3. I loved Resident Evil 4 so much! I think I did about 3 full playthroughs over 2 versions of the game, haha. Are you interested in the RE2 remake? Looks like it’s in RE4’s style which is awesome!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m…cautiously excited about it. I mean it looks cool, but I just can’t help being a bit nervous about it. I think the only reason for that is that I was disappointed by Resident Evil 5-7 (although I like the Revelations games), so I just hope they’ve kept it close enough to the original version to make it feel right and not tried too hard to modernise it. Still very exciting though!

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