Blogovision 2019: The Final!

*A disco-ball is lowered in the darkness. Near silence fills the room. Beneath that silence a sense of ultimate anticipation lurks. The room is filled with the hopes of hundreds of lucky punters from video games far and wide who managed to get a ticket for tonight’s show. The spotlights start to flicker. Changing red, blue, green, purple, white…and the crowd bursts into life as the disco-ball begins to spin….*

*Mysterious voice comes across the tannoy*

Before we begin in earnest, I want to welcome you to the final of Blogovision 2019 – a community blogging event organised by myself and the super-fantastic Chris from OverThinker Y, who is also writing up the final HERE!

We asked members of the blogging community to come up with Eurovision-style entries in which video game characters take part in an all-singing all-dancing competition. There are links to these posts in header for each performance, so make sure you check these out before voting!

With the entries now in and the contestants warming up, lets get this show on the road! 

*A man in red and a boy in green take to the stage*


The man in the red coat walks nonchalantly up to the microphone as the boy in green stands silently looking a little bored. The man in red blasts:

“Are you ready? Are you ready for the greatest show the planet Blogosphere has ever seen? All protagonists ready? All antagonists ready? Demons ready? Angels ready? Strawberry Sundaes ready? NPCs, talking pets, aliens, sentient spaceships and nameless harbingers of doom READY?!?

Well you’d better be because it is on! Lets ROCK baby!”

Blogovision 2019 – The Final!!!!!!!!!

The camera takes in the scene – sparkling lights, a giant stage made entirely of video screens displaying the Blogovision logo, and an audience brimming with expectation. The camera swings upward, casting it’s gaze over a line of small commentary boxes that sit high in the rafters of the arena. Zooming in slowly to one of the boxes, it picks out a lady dressed in black donning a fine pair of dark rimmed spectacles and several ornate looking guns…

Your commentator for the evening…

[Bayonetta] “Well, well, well! They actually managed to convince me to do this. I can’t say I’m terribly impressed so far. I mean really, what are those two on the stage for? A pizza loving nobody and some kind of elf boy?

Lets get on with the show shall we. Who’s first I wonder? Ah, it is someone from the Yakuza universe. Well this should certainly be interesting…


Represented by Goro Majima!

(Submitted by the marvelous Brandon from That Green Dude!)


It appears this guy really knows how to make an entrance! All those sparks and explosions! Oh I do hope this doesn’t set off the sprinklers!

I must say I like this rather more than I had expected! It has a campness I wouldn’t have imagined. Just look at his outfit. Hahaha! Yes this is a good start…it seems to be a bit of a medley – an interesting take on the Blogovision format! I did like the first song. What did they say it was called? 24 Hour Cinderella? This one, I Love You, offers a real change of pace. I’m not usually a fan of the soppy stuff but this works.

Oh wait! The tempo has upped a bit and…this is more of a dancey number *taps feet*. He definitely knows how to dance, and this has been imaginatively choreographed shall we say. He’s…wait! Why is he picking a fight with a member of the audience? Ah I’m sure it’s all part of the show. This really has been quite a performance, pulling off 3 songs, several costume changes and, well, hopefully not killing anyone.

What’s next I wonder…

Monkey Island

Represented by Marooned 5

(submitted by Eurovision Fan Extraordinaire, Kim from Later Levels!)

Monkey Island

Hmm, pirates huh? Well it IS good to have a theme at these events! There does seem to be an awful lot of them – pirates, skulls, dogs. Hopefully no squirrels. With all those people in the band I’m expecting BIG things from this!

Ooh, look at that video screen! What a pretty island! I was just thinking I could use a vacation and this place looks like it would be exciting. I’ve never really dallied in voodoo, maybe I could learn a new skill…Anyway, sorry, back to the song. A Sea of Stars they called it. That’s a pretty name! Ooh it has nice lighting effects too. I’m not totally sure about their leader, I mean, is he a bit weedy to be a pirate? He does look happy though and the crowd are smiling and waving their torches. Ooh, and there’s a dog singing now. That’s certainly innovative! This is a real team effort which has engaged the whole audience! According to the people that hired me, Blogovision is about creating a feeling of celebration, and these guys have that in spades! Speaking of which…I wonder if they could use a spade or two to dig up that treasure?

*ahem* right! Up next:

Zero Escape

Represented by various characters from the series, lead by Junpei

(submitted by the adventurous Ian from Adventure Rules!)

Zero Escape

Ooh, a fashionable boy has appeared and he certainly seems to have a few fans in the audience! He seems to be talking a lot. I guess he must have been through a tough time…Ah, this is nice, just the boy and a guy with a guitar. The audience are really appreciating the simplicity. Oh, and look now, there is a picture of a pretty girl. Isn’t she lovely?! He must be in love with her. I hope she’s OK, this does seem to be a bit of sad number *sniff*. Ooh! There is more of them now. This is getting good!

Oh and…WAIT! WHAT? Whose that? Why does she have…a chainsaw! Hmm, that reminds me, I wonder where mine is? What on earth is unfolding here? There’s…so.much.blood.

OK, apparently I hadn’t done my research on this one, no actual blood was spilled in this performance, it was staged! Phew! Wasn’t that dramatic! I can definitely support theatrical numbers – I particularly like the way they stopped for just a second for effect before he comes back in with that marvelous sweeping chorus, and, hold on, are they going to kiss? Well that is a turn up for the books! How lovely!

After all that drama I wonder what the next one’s like?

Donkey Kong

Represented by The DK Crew

(submitted by fellow Blogovisionary, Chris from OverThinker Y!)


Monkeys? Hmm, yes there seem to be quite a few monkeys taking to the stage. This seems a little preposterous but lets see. Their outfits and starting poses are surprisingly good, but what about the song? OK, yes they seem to have the crowd on their side, some of them have got their hands in the air and are clapping along already and…*Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep*

What? The overly quiet boy in the green clothes has marched on stage tooting a whistle. This can’t be part of the performance surely? Wouldn’t it be cheating to get the presenters to help you out? I mean…green boy must have some kind of purpose? He doesn’t talk… I wonder if he can play an instrument? Oh wait!  He’s hurrying the monkeys off the stage! Well this is certainly unexpected!”

*Mysterious voice echoes over the tannoy*

“Blogovision audience. We regret to inform you that the Donkey Kong Crew have tested positive for a banned substance known as Isoamyl acetate as part of regulation drug screening which takes place before the event. They have therefore been disqualified”

*Loud booing*

“Well…that was dramatic. I’m not complaining mind you, that was the most exciting thing I’ve seen all day! Speaking of which, what’s next?

Grand Theft Auto

Represented by OG Loc

(submitted by the super purple prose mage Alex Sigsworth!)

OG Lok

“Oh yes. I like this! There is not nearly enough hip-hop at Blogovision usually. He’s dressed well too, a real image of urban chic – I wonder if he has contacts in the fashion industry? Wait…I know this guy don’t I? Isn’t he the one who did Str8 From Tha Streetz? That was a classic album…I wonder what he’s doing here? That was a long time ago but he still knows how to get the audience going and there is nothing like a comeback to steal blogovision hearts.

“Let me see you throw your hands in the air and wave em’ like you just don’t care”

*Bayonetta throws her hands in the air and waves em’ like she just don’t care*

Yes! This sure is a whole new style of hip hop! A real one man show! He may not dance but he sure loves his rhymes! He’s Loc baby, and don’t you forget it! Sorry, sorry. I got a bit carried away!

OK, just one more left? What have we got here then…

World of Warcraft

Represented by Nathanos Blightcaller

(submitted by the fabulous Heather from Just Geeking By!)

Nathanos 2

Well this one has quite a presence I must say. I wonder if he has family in Inferno? Nice get up as well, and those eyes! They’ve done a tremendous job in the make-up department with Nathanos. Skin so pale, eyes so red! He must be quite hot in all that armour mind you. He’s taking to the stage looking pretty serious, I wonder if this one is going to be a ‘from the heart’ classic?


Wait a second! I know this one! What a fantastically undead re-imagining. I presume that isn’t Eric Clapton dressed up? No, this guy is really going for it. He has literally dropped to his knees with emotion. I really hope the lady he is singing to is in the audience tonight, it really would be such a shame if they couldn’t sort things out after such a heart wrenching performance!

…Wasn’t that quite something! Now, if you’ll excuse me I have some angels to take care of. It has been a blast but I’ll hand you back to the mysterious voice from the tannoy. Toodle-pip!”

*the curtains fall over the stage and the lights dim. Fireworks explode…*

…So that’s it Blogovision-fans. The final performance of the evening is over! Now though we hand things over to you. Yes the show may be over but the name of the winner remains elusive. That is because it is YOUR responsibility to vote for a winner…and yes I mean YOU at the back who is pretending not to care. I mean YOU over there, yeah you, the one who is too-cool-for-school. This responsibility belongs to all of you and lines are now open so why not make sure you’ve read all the entries in full and head on over to vote for your winner.

Before we go, those contenders again:

1. Yakuza

2. Monkey Island

3. Zero Escape

4. Donkey Kong – Disqualified

5. Grand Theft Auto

6. World of Warcraft

So what are you waiting for?! Go cast your vote now…and remember, the winners will be announced in a special post on May 24th, so make sure you check back then!

All that is left for me to say is a HUGE thank you to the awesome bloggers who took part. I genuinely think you are the real stars of the show and I hope you had fun coming up with these awesome ideas. Make sure you check out each and every one of these writers, and don’t forget to check out OverThinker Y’s version of events…it may be somewhat different…*winks*

Thanks for coming,

Goodnight X

P.S. I hope you all have a fab time watching Eurovision tomorrow night!

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  1. Yay!!! Thank you so much for taking part! I am totally hyped for Eurovision too, it’s definitely a day I look forward to every year!


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