Blogovision 2019: The Results

*mysterious voice crackles through the tannoy*

Here it is Blogovision fans, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The votes are in – the decision has been made. So why not join us for this most joyous of moments as we reveal the winner of Blogovision 2019!

Blogovision 2019The Results!

Way back in April, The Blogovision Organising Committee (BOC), more usually known as Pix1001 from Shoot the Rookie and Chris from OverThinker Y, asked fellow bloggers to suggest video game characters that could compete in Blogovision – a Eurovison style song contest featuring characters who would represent different video game universes.

The final of Blogovision 2019 took place on May 17th and featured six acts (although one was disqualified for failing a doping test…),  sponsored by talented writers from within the blogging community. After the final we asked you, the audience, to vote for your winner, and let me just say now that the response was great – so a HUGE thank you to everyone who voted! With voting now closed, we are going to announce the winner. Don’t forget that OverThinker Y will be announcing this simultaneously, so go check out his post!

Before we actually get to announcing the winner, lets just recap who we had competing:

1. Yakuza, represented by Goro Majima and sponsored by That Green Dude

2. Monkey Island, represented by the cast and sponsored by Later Levels

3. Zero Escape, represented by the cast and sponsored by Adventure Rules

4. Donkey Kong – Disqualified – let this be a lesson to future competitors

5. Grand Theft Auto, represented by OG Loc and sponsored by Alex Sigsworth

6. World of Warcraft, represented by Nathanos Blightcaller and sponsored by Just Geeking By

With that out of the way, I’m sure you want me to get on with the big reveal? I mean, you’ve spent this long tapping your fingers and quietly cursing at me whilst waiting for the thing you actually want to know right? Well, OK! Let me now hand you over to your favourite Blogovision commentator (apart from, er, that other one), Bayonetta!


[Bayonetta]: “She called me what? That tuneless arm-thing called ME a..what? Hmph! Just wait until next time we get together for coffee, I’ll give those personality cores of her’s a good seeing to!

Oh…I’m supposed to be announcing the winner. Right! Let’s just get on with this shall we! Hang on…In these preliminary notes that the weird Pix women gave me it says to say something like “It’s been very close” or “It was down the wire” or “There was really nothing in it”. But that is absolute rubbish! According to my information the winner won by a HUGE margin. Oh, that red coated dial-a-devil guy is back onstage and he’s pointing up at the screen. Well, lets just ignore him, I’m going to announce the winner myself…Oh, now he has a picture of the winner’s face on the screen. Oh I say! He is handsome. I guess I have to actually TELL you who it is. Well OK, let me just put my glasses on…

Ahem! Right! It gives me great pleasure to announce to the world that the winner of Blogovision 2019, with an impressive 43% of the vote is the one, the only, the unfathomably handsome but also terrifyingly violent (but undoubtedly very talented)…Goro Majima representing Yakuza!!!!!

Your winner!

Well well! That is a turn up for the books if I do say so myself! A big congratulations to everyone in the Yakuza universe for putting on such an excellent show. You really did wow the crowd – in more ways than one I might add. Unfortunately Majima won’t be performing for us again tonight, he apparently ran off into the crowd after his performance shouting KAZZY-CHAN. Hopefully he found whoever he was looking for…

Speaking of which, Jeanne was supposed to come pick me up about now, so I’d better get going, thank you for being such an excellent crowd and displaying your TRULY excellent taste in performers. This is Bayonetta signing off, good night and sweet dreams x”

Congratulations Yakuza!!

*with that, darkness fell once more upon the arena and Bayonetta disappeared into the night to find the nearest aftershow*

fireworks 2

So! That is it! Yakuza won Blogovision 2019! There isn’t really much more left to say (except all the things I’m about to)…

First up, HUGE congratulations to the totally awesome Brandon from That Green Dude for submitting the winning entry. If Yakuza officially won Blogovision then I think for today at least that Brandon has officially won Blogging for putting forward such an excellent entry.

Next I want to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you! Everyone who voted, everyone who got involved on social media and everyone who is reading this – thank you!

Special thanks go to everyone who contributed an entry to Blogovision – Brandon, Alex, Ian, Kim & Heather – you guys ROCK! Without you this wouldn’t have been possible and I am so grateful for the tremendous amount of effort you all put into your entries – they were truly in the spirit of the competition.

Finally, thank you to Chris, my co-conspirator for this event. You know I always get kinda mushy when I’m writing this stuff so I’m not gonna say too much, but thank you for working with me once again. It has been a pleasure. I hope that long after the lights have faded and the glitter ball has been taken down that you will remember this event as fondly as I will. There are a lot of super things about blogging, but making friends like you has to be the superest.

With that, I will sign out.

Until next time,

thanks for reading folks!

Pix1001 xxx

Blogovision Heart


17 thoughts on “Blogovision 2019: The Results

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  1. “Unfortunately Majima won’t be performing for us again tonight, he apparently ran off into the crowd after his performance shouting KAZZY-CHAN”.

    Yeah that sounds like Majima alright! 😂
    This collab was fun. Definitely up for more stuff like this in the future.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I will admit that most of my knowledge of Majima is from Project X Zone rather than Yakuza but he is totally awesome!!!

    Don’t have any solid plans for more atm but I like doing fun stuff like this so there will definitely be more!

    Just wanna say a big congratulations again, it was a an inspired entry that totally won the audience over 😎

    Liked by 1 person

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