Nintendo: Direct to the Heart

Hello readers and thanks for joining me for this slightly belated look at the Nintendo Direct which aired on Wednesday, September 4th! I know a lot of other bloggers have already written about the event but I’m going to take a slightly different angle, and instead of going over each game, I just want to talk about my reaction to the event as a whole with a focus on a couple of specific games.

So! I was pretty excited about the Direct, especially after I saw the swell on Twitter of people saying that it was likely that Monolith Soft, the creators of my favourite series – Xenoblade Chronicles – would be be making an announcement. However, I tried to keep my expectations in check and just enjoy the show – even if Monolith announced nothing it would still be a fun show, and to me that is the most important thing about a Direct. It is it’s own form of entertainment.

It was 11pm and I sat down in front of the TV with a beer and watched as things unfolded. As it turns out, there was some quite cool stuff. The unveiling of Overwatch – whilst not a game I’m particularly interested in – was a good starter as it is good to see another hugely popular game appearing on Switch. There was a load of stuff about Smash, including the new DLC fighters Banjo & Kazooie dropping straight away. They also revealed the next DLC fighter – Fatal Fury’s Terry Bogard – who will be joining the fight in November, and that they are going to be making more than the 5 originally promised DLC fighters, which is awesome news! I don’t own the game but I am very close to caving and buying it!

There was also a lot about Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield, which I’m not particularly interested in but LOVED the look of Cramorant. It might take more than a Pokemon modeled on a cormorant to make me part with my money, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. There was also of course a lot of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which I enjoyed simply for the travel agent style presentation it was given. The 8-way multiplayer looks VERY fun, but again, I’m not sure that’s enough to make me buy it.

So. Why am I writing this article if I’m not that bothered about the majority of the titles? Well… there are two reasons. The first one is this:

There is something important missing from this picture…prizes for telling me what.

Yep! At this Direct they announced that Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is making its way to Switch in January 2020, in what is known as Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore. It will feature at least one new song, add new playable characters and include new game mechanics and story elements.

Wow! OK! So this was a bit of a surprise, and possibly the best news of all time. This game means a great deal to me. I don’t think I actually realised how much it means to me until I saw the first glimpses of it pop-up during the Direct and I was immediately hit with this strange feeling that I can only describes as ‘being home’. It was like I was getting to reconnect with friends I hadn’t seen for years. That might sound a bit over the top but as most readers of this blog will know, video games are so much more than just entertainment. They can have all kinds of emotional impacts.

During the last couple of years I have spent a great deal of time, mostly on Twitter, bemoaning the fact that very few people have played this game due to it being assigned to the abyss known as the Wii U. When seeing the reaction to a game like Persona 5, I knew that people would love Tokyo Mirage Sessions and couldn’t quite believe they were never going to get to play it, so this announcement is huge. I’m very interested to find out what kind of popularity it gains and whether or not that could potentially lead to a sequel.

I don’t usually buy remasters or ports of games I’ve already played. For me with a JRPG once you know the story it loses it replay value. However, I think this may just be the exception, and I am very interested to see what the new game play and story elements are going to be (romance options anyone? No? Is that just me?). I’m also curious to see whether or not the DLC which is currently only available in the Japanese version will be included as part of the Switch edition. Nintendo certainly appear to be taking a more lenient view on censorship at the moment, so hopefully we will finally get to find out what actually happens at those hot springs as watching the DLC without English subtitles on YouTube certainly left me with a lot of questions (mostly about what some of them, and I don’t necessarily mean the girls, are wearing…*ahem*).

Anyway! After this I was pretty emotional, full of speculation and also aware that we hadn’t had the fabled announcement from Monolith Soft yet…and then this happened:


Ahhhhhhhhhhh! OK so this isn’t as good as if they announced a new game, but WOW! You probably already know how much I love this game and just seeing Shulk’s wee face made me well-up! This is more than a simple port but more like a total remake and it looks very, very pretty! Not much was really announced about what new stuff would feature in the definitive edition but I think we can expect there to be quite a bit of new content.

Even though it is already available on the Wii, the Wii U and the 3DS, I think that this is going to give new audiences the chance to play the game and give others the chance to experience it again and I also plan to re-invest in this one. I mean, I don’t think I can say no to playing it again in a new format. I am hoping that there will be an extravagant physical release for it, as I only currently own it via the Wii U e-shop.

By the end of the evening I had been treated to not one but two massive surprises that really knocked me off my feet. I simply can’t wait to get my hands on these and relive two of my very favourite gaming experiences – 2020 is looking rather exciting indeed!

So what do you think, readers? Did either of these games catch your eye during the Direct, or maybe it was one of the other awesome announcements that really got you excited? Either way let me know below in comments!

Thanks for reading,

Pix1001 x

8 thoughts on “Nintendo: Direct to the Heart

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  1. It was a fantastic showing for Nintendo. TMS and Xenoblade were highlights of course, but I was also delighted to see Deadly Premonition get such a prominent showing… and a sequel! That game is wonderful.

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  2. I agree with everything you said about Tokyo Mirage and Xenoblade, I feel the same. Hell, we should figure out a way of doing a playthrough series of both games together, either current versions or when the new ones release. I don’t think there are many out there who feel as strongly about these 2 titles hahaha

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  3. You are absolutely right and it is great to know someone else who shares my passion for these games!
    I’m not sure how it would work but doing a playthrough series is an amazing idea. I’ve never done anything like that before though so I don’t really know what it would involve.


  4. I thought it was a really strong showing 🙂 Tokyo Mirage has me intrigued as I’ve never played it, but AC next year leaning into crafting and multiplayer more heavily definitely leaves me tingling 🙂

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