Secret Blogger Santa!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas dear readers! I hope everyone is having a fantastic time doing whatever it is you choose to do at this time of year. For me, I am here to give a gift to a fantastic blogger whose name I drew in Lightning Ellen’s awesome Secret Blogger Santa event. That blogger’s name just so happens to be Jack from Screen Streams!

Taking a slight detour for a moment, this post is also my 100th post on Shoot the Rookie, and I’m really happy that I get to take part in a community event for my 100th post as that is what I like doing best!

Anyway, onwards! First of all I would like to say Merry Christmas Jack, I hope you are having a lovely time! Secondly I would like to say hello! I don’t think we have ever spoken before but that is the beauty of events like this, you get introduced to awesome blogs and get to know wonderful bloggers you’ve never come across before. So hi, I’m Pix and it has been a pleasure getting to know Screen Streams over the past few weeks!

For any of you who are also new to Screen Streams, let me tell you a bit about it and why you should definitely go and check it out. Screen Streams is a multi-medium blog focussing on Music, Film & TV and Gaming. Oh, and Lady Gaga (there is a lot of Lady Gaga and it is fabulous). On the blog you’ll find all kinds of articles on those things, from this excellent piece on the impact of Lady Gaga’s album The Fame Monster 10 years on, to this lovely review of Frozen 2 or this tale of Jack’s quest to Platinum Dragon Age: Inquisition.

So really there is a lot to choose from and you really should go and check it out for yourself! For me, and I hope you don’t mind me doing this, I’ve picked my favourite articles from the Gaming section, as that is where we probably have the most common ground. There are a lot of really interesting gaming articles on Screen Streams, ranging from in-depth looks at individual games, to fun lists of Jack’s favourite things from video games. My two personal faves that you absolutely must check out are these ones:

My Favourite Video Game Locations – You may well know this if you read my blog regularly but I absolutely love a list, and video game locations is one of those things that I find super interesting because there are so many amazing locations across the world of video games. Jack has gone for a really interesting selection here and what I really like about it is that it encompasses a wide variety of locations for a similarly wide variety of reasons!

11 Pokemon That Deserve More Love – Told you I like lists! This one is a really lovely idea as it highlights a number or Pokemon who have perhaps been a bit forgotten and unloved and that is exactly the kind of thing that it is nice to read about around Christmas, so I highly recommend checking it out and see what you think of the selection!

Right! Now let’s get down to the business at hand – Secret Santa-ing. I was tasked by Ellen with coming up with a fictional gift to give to Jack, and I daresay by this point everyone is wondering what that is. Since we both write about video games, I chose to go with something from that medium and after discovering that Jack’s favourite Zelda game is Twilight Princess, I decided to go with this:


TaDa! Yep Jack, that’s right! For Christmas I got you the Spinner from Twilight Princess. I mean, everyone likes a novelty transportation method for Christmas right?! Just think about it! With this you’ll be able to traverse difficult terrain by sliding down rails and jumping across previously unbridgeable gaps. You also won’t fall into quick-sand – although I don’t know how much of a problem that is for you currently. Best of all you will be able to spin around the streets of your home town impressing the locals. And just in case the locals like it a bit *too* much, it even has a handy wee attack you can use to get them out of your way. I really hope you enjoy your new toy (I even included an extra set of batteries!) and that it brings back great memories of playing the game – Merry Christmas!

Well, that is it folks! With gift giving over for another year, all that is left for me to do is say Merry Christmas to you all once again! Thanks so much to Ellen for organising this event, it really sums up what a lovely and inclusive community we have going on here…and with that, I’m off for a gin and tonic.

Thanks for reading,

Pix1001 x

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