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Hello dear readers and welcome to another Seriously Geeky Sunday here on Shoot the Rookie. This week’s theme is food, which it turns out is a really fun thing to write about, so why not join me to find out all about my favourite foods in geekdom!

For anyone who hasn’t read one of these posts before, Seriously Geeky Sundays is a cool community event run by the lovely Heather over at Just Geeking By! Each week Heather posts a series of questions on a set topic and invites other writers to answer them. The best way to get involved is to check out the info over at Just Geeking By so why not head on over and find out more!

Without further ado, let’s take a look at this week’s questions:

If you could have any fictional food item become reality, what would it be?

Melange Gel – Tales of Vesperia

Not that exciting for sure, but melange gel would sure come in handy if it were real. Essentially a mix of apple and orange gel it restores 30% of HP and 30% of TP (for, like, magic and stuff). Usually I’m more of a fan of fancy foods and good cooking, but this can be consumed on the go so would be really useful when travelling. The gels are such an essential part of the Tales of series that I’m also genuinely curious as to what they actually taste like!

What is your favourite food moment/scene?

Karuta wants to be a steamed bun – Inu X Boku Secret Service

In possibly the most bananas thing I’ve ever seen, a conversation about what people want to be in their next life takes a strange turn when Karuta (pictured above) declares that she wants to be a steamed bun in her next life. She doesn’t mind what sort but believes that they always have delicious fillings. You then get to see her floating through space with an array of steamed buns. Food is particularly important to Karuta, but this declaration was so out there hilarious that I’ve barely stopped laughing since and needless to say eating steamed buns has never quite been the same again.

What fictional restaurant would you like to visit?

Western Restaurant Nekoya – Restaurant to Another World

Not many can visit the Western Restaurant Nekoya, as it is only opens once a week and you can only get there if you come across the secret door which appears in random locations. However for the lucky few who do get to go it is the ultimate treat. Not only is it guaranteed to serve your favourite food, but it also has a great atmosphere due to the interesting regulars and waitresses Aletta and Kuro, who just so happen to be a friendly demon and a telepathic dragon respectively.

What is the most decadent dessert you’ve seen in a fandom?

The all-you-can-eat dessert buffet at the Wilton Hotel – Persona 5

After unexpectedly coming into some cash, the Phantom Thieves go to a fancy hotel to celebrate with a very expensive all-you-can-eat buffet. It has various tables including a meat table and a fish table, but much to Ann’s delight it also has a dessert table stacked with a selection of the most indulgent desserts you’ve ever seen. Needless to say the gang totally stuff their faces and I think one of them ends up being sick, but for the unlikely group of teens this level of extravagance is a dream come true.

What is the most disgusting fictional food item you’ve seen?

The Ebi Roll – Mr Tonegawa: Middle Management Blues

An unwise business venture by former Teiai Group employee Ebitani leads to the abomination you can see above, which is known as the Ebi-Roll. It consists of a flour wrap, some salad leaves and a whole shrimp. Yep, that means legs, shell, eyes and everything. There are lots of revolting foods in games and anime but this one particularly makes my skin crawl due to the fact it is made of ingredients which all exist in the real world. Well, that, and imagining the dire crunch when biting into it.

What is your favourite fandom inspired recipe/food item?

Kino’s Fried Chicken – Kino’s Journey

Equal weights chicken and chilli peppers plus a whole cup of vinegar. Presumably also oil given that it is fried, although I’m not sure the show specifies what type. This unusual recipe makes Kino a legend in the town she was visiting that day and I just had to try it for myself. I’ll admit that it sounds bonkers and that the episode itself is wonderfully farcical, but I really enjoyed this simple dish. A word of warning though, I would suggest using mild chilli’s if you want to try it for yourself!

So there we are for this week! Any of those foods sound appealing to you? Maybe you’ve got some ideas of your own? Either way, let me know below in comments or even better head on over to Just Geeking By to find out how to take part for yourself!

Thanks for reading,

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  1. A steamed bun?! Oh my goodness 😀 The thought of someone wanting to be a steamed bun cracks me up. This is why I love this prompt 😀

    Having lived the buffet experience I can attest that it is amazing and yes, it can make you sick 😛 (I wasn’t actually ill, but my tummy complained a LOT). We went on several cruises with all-inclusive and they do theme buffets every day for lunch and dinner, and oh my gosh the food is amazing. They’re also really great if you want to try different cuisines.

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