Have You Ever… The Gaming Edition!

Hello dear readers and welcome to Shoot the Rookie. In this edition I will be having a go at a super fun tag I saw other bloggers doing – ‘Have You Ever… The Gaming Edition‘. So come join me to find out my haves and have-nots of gaming!

This cool idea was invented by the awesome Michelle over at A Geek Girl’s Guide, so make sure you check out her original post to find out more. I also wanna give a wee shout-out to the very cool Dan from Now is Games, as it was Dan’s version that I saw first – make sure you go check it out here!.

Anyway, on to business! You all understand how this works right? It is a twist on the party game Never Have I Ever in which the first person says something they have never done, and then anyone who has done the thing takes a drink. Or something like that. This version though is the gaming edition and so all the questions relate to things you may have done when gaming. Understand? Good! Lets get on with the questions!

Have you ever… rage quit a game?

Yes. I don’t like to admit it but that is something I must have done. That said, most of the times I’ve quit out of a game it is because I’ve been scared rather than overcome with rage, but there have been times when I’ve been simply infuriated and just quit and walked away. The most recent example of this I think was with the game Rayman Legends when after trying one particular level about a hundred times I just lost it and quit. It wasn’t particularly violent or rageful, but I was at the end of my tether with it!

Have you ever… earned all achievements in a game?

No. At least I don’t think so. It just isn’t something I care about. I mean it is cool to give players extra incentives to continue playing a game but somehow it doesn’t add value for me personally.

Have you ever… pulled an all-nighter gaming?

Yes! More than once. When I was a teenager I spent many nights up all night playing Civilization, but my most memorable experience of this was playing Guitar Hero at my boyfriend’s house during a summer break many years ago. I didn’t even realise how much time had passed until noticing the sun streaming in the window and the birds singing outside. It was glorious.

Have you ever… live-streamed your gaming?

No. I think I’m in the minority here but I don’t really have any interest in streaming. I don’t even watch other people stream. I watch complete game play-throughs every now and then but only ones with no commentary.

Have you ever… pre-ordered a game?

Yes! I pre-ordered Breath of the Wild alongside the Nintendo Switch and I recently pre-ordered the Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Collectors Set. I absolutely cannot wait to finally own a physical copy of my favourite game alongside all the awesome goodies that are included in the Collectors Set!

Have you ever… bought a game and never played it?

No. Or I certainly couldn’t think of any. I have games in my collection I’ve never played for sure, but I intend to play them all at some point and most of them were gifts.

Have you ever… been jump-scared by a horror game?

Yes on numerous occasions – I guess I scare easily! In fact, I’m playing Resident Evil Zero at the moment and have already experienced numerous jump scares. My favourite jump scare has to be the classic dogs through the window in the original Resident Evil. The scariest on the other hand is probably one from Fatal Frame: Maiden of Blackwater. I won’t spoil it completely, but lets just say it involves monitoring security cameras… just thinking about it makes my heart go cold with fear!

Have you ever… had a set squad for a specific game?

I… don’t think so? I’m not totally sure what the question means but I don’t really play multiplayer games so I’m thinking the answer is no!

Have you ever… bought a game on multiple platforms?

Yes. I own Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE on both Wii U and Switch (although haven’t got round to playing the Switch version yet), and on May 29th I’ll own Xenoblade Chronicles on both Wii U (from the E-Shop) and Switch. Hang on… did I already mention that?

Have you ever… got a console for the games specifically?

Yes, although I’m not sure why else you would buy a console if not for the games. I remember making lists of which games were available on which platform before opting for an XBox 360 rather than a PS3. I also bought a Switch at launch on the strength of the games that were already announced for it.

So, what do you think? Any surprises in my answers? What about you – have you ever done any of those things? I bet you have so tell me all about it below in comments!

Thanks for reading,

Pix1001 x

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  1. Thanks for the shout out, really enjoyed reading your answers 😁 I don’t usually do these kind of posts but this was definitely a good one to do!

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