The Great JRPG Character Face-Off: The Full List!

Hello dear readers and welcome to another special edition of Shoot the Rookie. Last week me and fellow blogger Winst0lf revealed the results of The Great JRPG Character Face-Off. Although those posts marked the end of the event I wanted to do one more post in order to reveal every single character who was voted for in the event. So why not join me as I reveal the identity of all 86 characters!

I will be honest with you here. I wasn’t originally planning on making this post, however after we revealed the community’s top 3 JRPG characters, one of the event’s participants (fellow blogger Bar Harukiya aka CrispyWonTon on Twitter) asked if they could see a complete list of the characters that were voted for. After giving it a bit of thought I decided that this was an excellent idea!

The one thing that The Great JRPG Character Face-Off taught me was that there are a HUGE number of characters from JRPGs that players love, and there are even more reasons why they love them. Whilst I’ve not compiled the reasons here (that would be a very long article indeed), I thought giving a list of each character was a nice idea as it would show the breadth of characters voted for and perhaps give people some ideas of which JRPG to pick up next.

So without further ado, here is every character voted for by the community in The Great JRPG Character Face-Off (listed alphabetically by game):

Character NameGame
Grumpos MatavastrosAnachronox
Lynar BarnettAr Tonelico
Esty ErhardAtelier Arland
EdBrave Fencer Musashi
RingabelBravely Default
FrogChrono Trigger
Lucca AshtearChrono Trigger
MagusChrono Trigger
RoboChrono Trigger
Lord GwynDark Souls
EtnaDisgaea series
EightDragon Quest VIII
SylvandoDragon Quest XI S
PolkaEternal Sonata
Cecil HarveyFinal Fantasy IV
Kain HighwindFinal Fantasy IV
PalomFinal Fantasy IV
Edgar FigaroFinal Fantasy VI
Aerith GainsboroughFinal Fantasy VII
Barret WallaceFinal Fantasy VII
Cloud StrifeFinal Fantasy VII
Tifa LockhartFinal Fantasy VII
Squall LeonhartFinal Fantasy VIII
Freya CrescentFinal Fantasy IX
Vivi OrnitierFinal Fantasy IX
Zidane TribalFinal Fantasy IX
Auron Final Fantasy X
Kimahri RonsoFinal Fantasy X
LuluFinal Fantasy X
BalthierFinal Fantasy XII
Basch fon RonsenburgFinal Fantasy XII
Oerba Yun FangFinal Fantasy XIII Series
Lightning FarronFinal Fantasy XIII Series
Serah FarronFinal Fantasy XIII Series
Cor LeonisFinal Fantasy XV
Ignis ScientiaFinal Fantasy XV
Noctis Lucis CaelumFinal Fantasy XV
RyudoGrandia 2
Uzume TennouboshiHyperdimension Neptunia
SoraKingdom Hearts
RoxasKingdom Hearts 2
The Player Character/YouN/A
Aya BreaParasite Eve
AigisPersona 3
Mitsuru KirijoPersona 3
Chie SatonakaPersona 4
Kanji TatsumiPersona 4
Rise KujikawaPersona 4
Yukiko AmagiPersona 4
Ann TakamakiPersona 5
Futaba SakuraPersona 5
Makoto NiijimaPersona 5
MorganaPersona 5
Ryuji SakamotoPersona 5
Sae NiijimaPersona 5
LancePokémon series
RoschRadiant Historia
PopoiSecret of Mana
Joachim ValentineShadow Hearts: Covenant
Reimi SaionjiStar Ocean
Georg PrimeSuikoden
Corlal Summon Night 4
MallowSuper Mario RPG
EizenTales of Berseria
Magilou MayvinTales of Berseria
Velvet CroweTales of Berseria
SophieTales of Graces f
Arche KleinTales of Phantasia
DhaosTales of Phantasia
Presea CombatirTales of Symphonia
Sheena FujibayashiTales of Symphonia
Estelle Sidos HeurasseinTales of Vesperia
Yuri LowellTales of Vesperia
Eleonora YumizuruTokyo Mirage Sessions #FE
Yashiro TsurugiTokyo Mirage Sessions #FE
Fie ClaussellTrails of Cold Steel Series
Rean SchwarzerTrails of Cold Steel Series
Shirley OrlandoTrails of Cold Steel Series
Towa HerschelTrails of Cold Steel Series
Elliot CraigTrails of Cold Steel Series
FioraXenoblade Chronicles
ReynXenoblade Chronicles
RikiXenoblade Chronicles
ShulkXenoblade Chronicles
LoraXenoblade Chronicles 2/Torna
MythraXenoblade Chronicles 2/Torna

So there they are! The 86 characters that received votes in The Great JRPG Character Face-Off. If by some weird twist of fate you managed to miss the results post proper where I revealed who the winners were, then make sure you check it out now, and if you want any more stats on the event then just let me know below in comments and I’ll get my spreadsheet out!

Thanks for reading,

Pix1001 x

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  1. I’ve never played Dragon Quest XI (or any other Dragon Quest games for that matter!), but I got the impression that Sylvando is lovely – I think Lodestar Valor who voted for him would be absolutely delighted to hear that someone else likes him too!

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