Seriously Geeky Sundays: Adorn!

Hello dear readers and thank you for joining me on another Seriously Geeky Sunday! This week we are talking about outfits and accessories in gaming and anime so why not read on to find out which gems I am picking from the fictional wardrobe!

Although I managed to stop myself using the ‘F’ word in my opening paragraph, I couldn’t possibly write an article about outfits and accessories without mentioning FASHION!

Those of you who have been with the blog for a while will probably remember why that word is so dear to me, but for the uninitiated I would like to introduce you to the wonder that was High Score Haute Couture: The Gaming Catwalk, a collaboration between two bloggers (myself and the fabulous Chris Durston) who knew nothing about fashion but had the best possible time writing about it! I even got something of a name as a fashionista for the part I played in it…

A million thanks to Adventure Rules for this!

Ahem! Anyway, this week’s Seriously Geeky Sunday is all about adornments, whether they be outfits, accessories or costumes and I had a wonderful time revisiting the subject for this post. Many thanks to Heather of Just Geeking By fame for coming up with another awesome topic!

Now on with the show!

If you could steal any character’s wardrobe which would it be?

Lightning – Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning isn’t necessarily the first character you think of when it comes to fashion, but in the third instalment of the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy she certainly has plenty of outfits to choose from. Yes, her garbs do more than just look good as each has its own unique qualities, but I don’t really care about that, I’m just here for the fashion. Her garbs come in pretty much every style, even cosplay, so I’m sure I’d find something good to wear whatever the occasion. Personal favourites of mine are the stunning purple dress pictured above and also a funky purple trouser suit that screams ‘I may look fabulous but I’ll kill you if you come any closer’. Who knew this soldier could be such a style inspiration!

What superhero’s costume do you love and which do you hate?

Froppy – My Hero Academia

Practical and perfectly designed for Froppy’s quirk (which is, er, being a frog?), this outfit maintains a certain sense of style whilst also being completely functional. It allows Froppy to frog about comfortably, saving people and generally being a hero without getting in the way, and with its trademark ‘frog green’ she will always be instantly recognisable on the scene.

Best Jeanist – My Hero Academia

I’m sorry Best Jeanist, I know that denim is your specialty but there is no situation that warrants quite that much of it. Forget double-denim, this is more like infinity-denim with bonus roll-ups. Might’ve worked in the 1990’s I guess?

You’re riding into battle; who’s armour do you choose?

Ellie – Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

Here I’ve gone for a mix of style and protection. But mostly style. Yes the outfit does contain some actual armour, but really I picked it just because it looks good. In terms of practicality it would certainly be light, enabling me to make good use of that massive bow, and the armour on the arms would offer some protection. My favourite thing about it though is probably the winged boots. I’m not sure exactly what defensive value they add, but gosh do they look good!

Who wore it better; pick an outfit that’s been worn by multiple characters and tell us who wore it best.

Cat Toad – Super Mario 3D World

In Super Mario 3D World the playable characters can use an item that turns them into a cat version of themselves with appropriate cat like abilities such as climbing up walls and clawing enemies. They all look pretty daft in this form, particularly Mario himself, but Cat Toad definitely wears it best. I mean just look how cute he is dressed like that!!

From utility belts to magical backpacks, accessories in fandom can be anything and do anything. Which one would you choose to borrow for a day?

The Paraglider – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I’ll admit that the paraglider isn’t really a style item, although it does have a nice design, but it is definitely an accessory I’d love to have a go with. It gives you the ability to glide across vast distances, getting you from mountain top to mountain top whilst letting you take in the view. It might not be quite as useful in Glasgow as it is in Hyrule, but there are certainly some good hills around here and I’d love to just jump off and sail through the sky with the birds for a day!

You’ve been given the chance to redesign a character’s appearance? Who is it, why and what would you change?

The Protagonist – Xenoblade Chronicles X

OK so this is a slight twist on the question but bear with me! In Xenoblade Chronicles X, unlike the other Xenoblade games, the protagonist is an unnamed, player-designed character and I would redesign them by making them a fully realised character designed by the studio. I know others enjoy the art of character design and creating a character that is their own, but it just isn’t for me. I want all the characters to have been designed by the team making the game. I want them to have a backstory, a personality and a name. When I think how recognisable the other Xenoblade protagonists are I always wish they had done the same for X. This applies to other games too – Bloodborne for example would have been a much better game for me if it had a proper protagonist. Being a fan of fashion in video games I do enjoy dressing my characters up and adorning them with silly accessories, but I have no desire to play as a character that only exists for me and I hope if they ever make a sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles X that they will give the game what it deserves – a proper protagonist!

So there we have it! Some of my favourite (and least favourite) adornments from the worlds of gaming and anime. It has been a pleasure revisiting the fashion world for this post, but now I want to know who your style icons from fandom are? Let me know below in comments and make sure you check out all the other posts over at Just Geeking By!

Thanks for reading,

Pix1001 x

3 thoughts on “Seriously Geeky Sundays: Adorn!

Add yours

  1. I’m kinda sad I missed this prompt, might try and write a catch up post during the week.

    I absolutely loved Ellie’s armour too and I’d have to agree with your choice there! I always ended up using her default skin over her other outfit choices just because of how great it looks 😁

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You should totally do it! I’d love to read your answers 😀

    Ellie just looks so classy and natural in her armour. I quite like Tsubasa’s as well but somehow Ellie’s is just right and really suits her!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’d totally lack the physical body strength to use the Paraglider… I’d jump off a hill instantly consume my stamina wheel and be flat as a paraglider canvas!

    I’d want the Power Crown from Mario so I could be Pinkette! Princess Peach is the one’s whose wardrobe I want.. and the Power Crown could easily help me with that.. plus I could put the crown on everyones head and make so many Ette’s memes I ‘d become famous!

    Froppy has an amazing costume for me Midoriya’s costume is a weird one I just feel it doesn’t fit the character all that much. The whole hooded look at least.

    Armor is tricky because.. where am I gonna find it in Pink! So I would have to go with the Pink Ranger Slayer armor from Power Rangers Shattered Grid and featured in the game Battle for the Grid

    Liked by 1 person

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