Seriously Geeky Santa!

Hello dear readers and welcome to an extremely festive edition of Shoot the Rookie. That’s right, today is the day where Seriously Geeky Sunday dons tinsel and holly and gets all Christmassy in the form of Seriously Geeky Santa! What this means is that for today only, a Secret Santa is delivering the questions, so why not join me on this jolly jaunt and find out what questions my Secret Santa posed for me.

First up I want to say a massive thank you to whoever my Secret Santa is! I genuinely loved these questions and you clearly spent a lot of time thinking about them for which I am very grateful! I also want to send some festive cheer and much gratitude the way of Heather at Just Geeking By, the wonderful creator of Seriously Geeky Sundays and the organiser of this Secret Santa event. You really went above and beyond with this, and I love the graphics you produced for the event so much (see the picture at the top of this post for an example!).

Secondly, I want to send lots of Christmas merriment to the blogger for whom I was the Secret Santa. I can’t reveal to you who you are, but I can’t wait to read the answers you have come up with to my questions!

Now on to the questions. These were all really fun to answer and took a lot of thinking about so lets get to them!

How would you describe yourself using only video games and anime?

Wow! This is a hard one to start! OK here goes, let’s see what you can piece together about me from my choices:

Now that you have played Resident Evil Zero, would you play any other survival horror games not in the RE franchise?

I thought long and hard about this question and looked at various other survival horror games. However after all that thinking the answer to this question has to be no. I genuinely couldn’t think of another game, outwith the Resident Evil series, that I would dare attempt. Some I thought of are too hard, like The Evil Within. Others, like Silent Hill, are just too scary. I would however consider playing some other games in the Resident Evil series, particularly the first couple, so maybe if I do that I’ll then be ready to move on. Or maybe I’m just not well suited to survival horror. Who knows?!

Could we get a mini tattoo tour? Or possibly some stories behind some of your favourite tattoos?

My tattoos

I have six tattoos so far, three of which I actually got this year. I’ve spoken about a few of them before but lets just have a very brief look at all of them.

My first one (top middle picture) is an ode to Final Fantasy VII and is a copy of a tattoo that the character Red XIII has. I’d wanted a tattoo for ages and somehow this just spoke to me!

My second one (bottom right picture) is the logo of the band Blue Öyster Cult who I am a big fan of – I think that photo may actually have been taken on the day I went to see them in Glasgow.

The third one was the epic Yona of the Dawn one (bottom left picture). Yona is a really inspiring character to me and well worth the all-day sitting and trip to Bonnybridge!

Number four was the cat prints (bottom middle picture), which is a tribute to my six pet cats who are sadly no longer with us – Hibee, Blossom, Tasha, Bramble, Pip and Tinker.

Five is the cat mask (top right picture). This is the only one I actually picked off a flash sheet – I saw it on Instagram and knew I had to have it!

Lastly is the lizard piece (top left picture), which I got in October 2020. This one is a tattoo representation of a lizard ornament I have that hangs on my kitchen wall. I’ve always loved him and so decided to commemorate him in tattoo form. Whether or not he appreciates this I’m not sure.

What’s next? Well I’m not even sure yet but I’ll keep you posted!

What is one of your favourite JPop songs, and why is it one of your favourites?

Good Morning World! by Burnout Syndromes

So maybe not actually a JPop song but it is listed as that on Apple Music so I went with it anyway. This song is the theme music to the anime Dr Stone and it is a funny story because I initially thought the song was rubbish, but by the end of the show I loved it. It is so cheerful and happy and I sing the lyrics “Ohayou sekai! Good morning world!” pretty much every time I open the curtains in the morning.

What anime has been on your watchlist the longest, and what’s keeping you from trying/finishing it?

The Promised Neverland

I’ve watched two episodes of this show and thought it was absolutely brilliant, but somehow it keeps getting sent to the back of the queue! It is one of the most terrifying and atmospheric things I’ve ever watched, but I know exactly why I’ve benched it over and over again, and that is because it is no fun. I do love serious anime, but sometimes (most of the time) I just wanna watch fun silly things. I will definitely watch The Promised Neverland, maybe even before the second series comes out, but I just have to be in the right frame of mind to watch a show about people murdering orphans…

What Christmas special episode of any fandom is your all-time favourite?

All Through the House – Homicide: Life on the Street

Detectives Munch and Bolander – complete opposites when it comes to Christmas!

All the possible answers I could think of for this question were quite serious and not really that Christmassy despite being set at Christmas, and although this one contains a fair bit of homicide, it was the most festive one I could think of. The characters fill traditional Christmas roles quite well, with Detective Munch being a total scrooge and his partner Detective Bolander being much more festive. Yes, the episode does feature the murder of Santa, but it does have some really nice festive moments, and if I remember correctly it starts to snow at the end and all our hardworking detectives go out onto the steps of the police station to celebrate – it is really quite festive!

So there we have it! The answers to my fabulous Secret Santa questions! Thank you so much to whoever my Secret Santa is, I loved the questions and I hope you all enjoyed reading my answers as much as I enjoyed answering them! If you’ve enjoyed this then make sure you check out all the other Seriously Geeky Santa posts which you can find over at Just Geeking By! I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas!

Thanks for reading,

Pix1001 x

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