My Highlights from the Playstation Showcase, 9th September 2021

Hello dear readers and welcome to another edition of Shoot the Rookie. Today I’m looking at the games featured in the Playstation Showcase which took place on September 9th, and sharing what my personal highlights were. Why not join me to see if you agree with my thoughts.

There were a lot of things shown during this event and I felt rather than covering them all in detail I’d pick out the ones that excited me most and very briefly give my thoughts on the others.

One of the things that was great about the event was that there was a lot of variety shown and that means that different people found different games to be excited about. Overall I thought it was pretty well presented and I was impressed with what was shown.

Because of the diversity of games on show, I know people are excited about some of the games that I’m not that interested in. That is a great thing for the future of gaming and I really hope that everyone enjoys the games they choose to play. That said, I may get a wee bit cheeky about a couple of the announcements as I wanted to give my honest opinion, but please don’t hold that against me!

Anyway! Lets get on with things!

Project Eve

Combine action, sci-fi and a super cool looking protagonist and you are definitely going to get my attention. The real test will come when we find out how the game actually plays, but if the feel of the gameplay lives up to the presentation then this will certainly be one to pick up.


This game looks intriguing. An action rpg, you play as a women thrown into some kind of fantasy world, and the trailer really got across the beauty of the world. Whilst it didn’t show too much of what the combat will be like, the overall vibe was really cool and had a lot of personality and I look forward to finding out more.

Alan Wake

Having not played the original version of Alan Wake and knowing nothing about it I was taken aback by how much the trailer appealed to me. Described online as an action adventure, the trailer definitely had strong horror vibes and I’m already intrigued by the story and main character even though this trailer is all I know about the game. This is almost certainly one I will pick up.

Ghostwire Tokyo

I’ve been excited about this since it was originally announced and this trailer got me even more hyped. Frankly, it looks like it might be completely bonkers, but given that it is from the studio that brought us The Evil Within that is no great surprise. I wasn’t certain what was gameplay footage and what wasn’t but the city setting was visually stunning and it was nice to see at least one enemy that I think might have been brought in from The Evil Within. This is a must buy for me.


This on the other hand isn’t a must buy for me and I’m not always a fan of this kind of art but it certainly looks interesting and I was particularly won over by the idea that you might be able to pet a crab as part of the gameplay. In fact animals are a crucial part of the game as you can seemingly possess different animals and use their different abilities to explore (a bit like where Link hilariously possesses a seagull in Wind Waker). I’ll probably wait for reviews before buying but it certainly looks interesting.

Gran Turismo 7

I’ll be honest, I haven’t bought a Gran Turismo since 4, but I might just be tempted back by this as it looks as sexy as it is possible for a driving simulator to be. The location and the cars look simply stunning. I just hope they have kept my trusty Nissan Micra.

My thoughts on the rest:

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands actually looked really cool but not my kind of thing gameplay-wise and since I’ve never played Borderlands this isn’t the place to start. I know a lot of people are hyped about Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and I hope you all have an awesome time playing it but I don’t like Star Wars so will be giving it a miss. Rainbow 6 Extraction just looked really boring to me and like with Star Wars, Guardians of the Galaxy, Wolverine and Spider-Man 2 were just shrug moments for me as I’m not at all interested in Marvel stuff.

Despite people laying into Deathloop online after the presentation because it has been shown so many times before, I still think it looks really cool – it has tons of style but just isn’t my kind of thing. Same with God of War Ragnorok. It looks incredible but not something I would play. Bloodhunt didn’t do anything for me despite its stunning depiction of Prague.

My real eyeroll moments came with the PS5 reveals of GTA V and the Uncharted stuff – they are both series I actively dislike and both things I feel like have come out thirty-five thousand times already. Oh and did I imagine some kind of virtual exhibition involving Radiohead? I’m not going to get into my reaction to that, but let’s just say theoretically it is a cool idea and I hope it is a great experience for those who enjoy Radiohead.

So there are my thoughts on what was shown at the recent Playstation Showcase. But what did you think? Are you super excited about any of these games? Let me know what you’ll be buying below in comments and don’t forget to join me next time for more video game and anime blether!

Thanks for reading,

Pix1001 x

8 thoughts on “My Highlights from the Playstation Showcase, 9th September 2021

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  1. God of War Ragnorok and Spider-Man 2 are instant buys for me. I’d like to know about the controls for Ghostwire Tokyo. It looks like it’s in first person, but I’m unsure if it’s a VR game or not. I can see myself buying Forspoken once they show more gameplay.

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  2. Overall I totally agree with your game choices. I was already very excited about Forspoken back when it was ‘project Althea’ (or whatever it was called 🤣). Each teaser we get makes it look better and better. Thanks for a good overview. X

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