Quotes Overheard on the Battlefields of Xenoblade Chronicles

Hello dear readers and welcome to another silly post here on Shoot the Rookie. Today I’m looking at one of my favourite games, Xenoblade Chronicles, and one of my favourite aspects of the game, the in-battle conversations. Come join me to learn some of the ridiculous chat I’ve overheard from the characters whilst playing the game!

If you were not already aware, I LOVE Xenoblade Chronicles, and the thing I love most about it is the characters. The in-battle quotes they use are useful to the player as they mostly relate to specific battle conditions, but they are also one of the best ways the game adds depth and personality to the characters.

Whilst it is a game with a serious story and many heavy emotional moments, there is also a lighter side, full of humour and silliness and a lot of this can be found in the in-battle conversations. There are probably hundreds of lines of battle quotes, so many I don’t think I’ve heard them all, but in this article I’ve picked out a few of my favourites for your entertainment. I noticed when I was putting this together that they group nicely into different topics, so I’ve split them up accordingly.

Before starting I would say that some of these quotes are from memory, so if you spot wee things that aren’t quite right don’t judge me too harshly.

With that said, let’s jump right in.

Overconfidence and Misguided Optimism

Several of the characters say things that suggest their strength or situation is better than it actually is, sometimes at hilariously inappropriate moments.

“There’s nothing around here that can beat us!” – Yep Fiora, we’ll just ignore that level 80 tyrant shall we?

“This is the last one!” – No Sharla, it isn’t.

“This one die soon. Thank you Riki time?” – I wish Riki, I wish.

“Nothing can withstand our chain attack!” – Well, that would be great Sharla but sadly it isn’t even close to being true.

“I am Dunban. Attack me if you dare!” – Erm… ok then, we will! The fact that Reyn follows this with “Hahaha! I’m looking forward to this” suggests that perhaps even Dunban’s own teammates don’t think saying that is such a good idea.

Exuberance and Excitement

Sometimes our unlikely band of characters love nothing more than ploughing head-first into battle and they get pretty hyped during the fight as well.

Of course, the game’s most famous quote comes under this banner and so of course it has to come first.

“I’m really feeling it!” – Shulk, you are a legend!

“Let’s push on and on and on!” – Pushing on just once isn’t enough for Fiora.

“Yeah! Reyn Time!” – It should be Reyn Time all the time if you ask me.

“Heropon very cool!” – Can’t really argue with that, Riki.

“Born in a world of strife, against the odds, we choose to fight” – Yeah! You tell them, Dunban!

“We’re starting to look like a team!” “The best team ever!” – Yep, Sharla and Fiora are the best team ever.

The Hero Dunban is Too Easy to Mock

Poor Dunban. The great hero doesn’t even get to be the hero of his own game and some of the other characters seem to enjoy making fun of his serious hero persona. He even has to put up with being called ‘Dundun’ by Riki!

“Hero Dunban, back with a vengeance!” – Subtle but still cheeky I think Shulk.

“This is not becoming of the mighty Dunban” – Melia telling it like it is.

“Dunban! I expected more of a hero” – Ouch Sharla.

Shulk Being a Dork

I love Shulk but despite being the game’s leading character and the wielder of the Monado, he is also an awkward teenage boy and some of the stuff he says definitely hammers that point home.

“Pesky things!” – Only Shulk could use the word pesky to describe a big group of massive spiders.

“Looking good too Fiora” – This is not an appropriate response to Fiora saying she is feeling good.

“Yeah, you’re really good Sharla” – Talk about damning with faint praise. No wonder Sharla feels underwhelmed by it – “Wow, thanks. I don’t know what to say…”.

Riki is the Boss

Riki is one of my favourite characters in the game and most of the things he says are brilliant. One of his main themes is that he seems to think he is in charge and that the other characters are his sidekicks, often with hilarious results.

“Riki’s friends winning! Thank you Riki time?” – Yep, it was all you Riki

“Sidekicks… finish fight!” – It seems unlikely the sidekicks would succeed after Riki is KO’d but there you go!

“Riki’s sidekicks do good!” – You should be very proud of them Riki

Whilst most of the characters don’t respond too well to being referred to as sidekicks, at least Melia is willing to play along, referring to him rather charmingly as “Your Rikiness”.

Snark and Cheek

We’ve already seen just how much the others like teasing Dunban, but there’s a lot more cheek than that, mostly directed towards Reyn. Sometimes I wonder how they managed to get through the game without killing each other.

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Apparently” – You could try saying it like you mean it Melia.

“Reyn, pretending to be dead” – Bit harsh Riki!

“On your feet Princess!” – That’s no way to talk to a Princess, Reyn.

“Good to see you working hard Reyn” – It’s like you didn’t expect it, Fiora.

“Amateurish” “Yes, amateurish” – I guess Dunban and Sharla don’t rate Reyn’s battle skills.

So there we are! Some of my favourite quotes from the battlefields of Xenoblade Chronicles! But what do you think? Have I done the characters justice? Maybe you’ve got your own favourite quotes from the game? Let me know all below in comments and don’t forget to come back next time for more video game and anime goodness!

Thanks for reading,

Pix1001 x

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