Shoot from the Hip – Gravity Rush

Hello dear readers and thank you for joining me for another Shoot from the Hip post here on Shoot the Rookie. If you’ve not seen one of these posts before, the idea is that I take a very brief look at a game I’ve played to help you guys decide whether or not you should play it too. Today’s game is Gravity Rush, so come join me to find out what it’s all about!

Gravity Rush was originally released on the PS Vita but later got a remaster for the PS4. It was followed by a sequel on PS4 a few years later. Since I’ve never owned a Vita I was pretty grateful for the opportunity to try this gravity-defying game and needless to say I was not disappointed. Let’s dive right in shall we!

What you need to know

Title: Gravity Rush

Year of Release: 2012 (version played released 2015)

Platform: PS Vita and PS4

Developer: Japan Studio

Publisher: Sony

Genre: Action Adventure

What’s it about?

A girl with no memory shows up in a city which is slowly being sucked into a vortex and being invaded by some strange creatures. She soon discovers that she has the ability to control gravity with the aid of a mysterious cat, and that this skill can also be used to help combat the invading creatures. The story focuses on her journey to keep the people of the city safe whilst trying to discover more about her identity. The gameplay includes frantic combat and free exploration using the protagonist’s skills, which you can level-up in an RPG kind of way, and there are also various action challenges and story-based side quests in which you learn more about the world and the people that inhabit it.

Should you play it?

Probably, yeah. I mean it’s great and there isn’t much to dislike, although the combat can sometimes be rather disorientating. The story, though far-fetched, has a lot of strong points and the characters are interesting, particularly the protagonist Kat. One thing which I loved about the game was the comic book style visuals used to tell much of the story and the stunning way the graphics deal with travelling vast distances, with areas transitioning from sketches to full detail the closer you get to them. The side quests included in the remaster are really good and quite a challenge, and I think it speaks to the quality of the game when I say that one thing which would have improved it would have been to have more side quests. Overall I think it is a really fun game which can be enjoyed by most people – as long as you don’t mind not knowing which way is up that is.

So there is my quick take on Gravity Rush! But what do you think? Is this a game you would consider checking out? Maybe you’ve played it and have your own views? Perhaps you’ve even played the sequel and can tell me if it’s any good? Whatever your thoughts let me know below in comments and don’t forget to join me next time for more video game and anime nonsense.

Thanks for reading,

Pix1001 x

3 thoughts on “Shoot from the Hip – Gravity Rush

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  1. Yeah, I really liked Gravity Rush. Kat is a great character and the game mechanics were a lot of fun to mess with, though combat was frustrating at times for how particular the controls were (trying to beat the hell out of Raven in that void world or whatever it was was hell to figure out.)

    The remaster on the PS4 was better as well, and I remember the sequel was good, though it’s been a while since I actually played it at all. I should go back to those games sometime. It’s too bad they got less notice than they deserved.

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  2. I definitely feel they didn’t get the attention they deserve. I’m really looking forward to trying the sequel. I had a demo of it a while back and thought it seemed good but I wanted to play the first game first.

    You’re right about the combat, it certainly had its moments of extreme frustration and I frequently got quite disoriented. I’ll be interested to see if it feels any different in the sequel.

    I’m sure I read that there’s an anime too. I’ve never looked into it but would be curious to check it out too.

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