Persona 5 Strikers Character Appreciation, part 1

Hello dear readers and welcome to Shoot the Rookie! Today I’m taking another dive into the world of Persona 5 Strikers, this time with a specific focus on the characters. In this post I’ll be talking about the girls, so why not join me to hear what I made of them and find out who my favourite Persona 5 girl is!

If you saw my previous post – The Rookie Plays… Persona 5 Strikers – you will know I’ve already reviewed the game as a whole and that I absolutely loved it. I did mention the characters in that post, however since the characters are my favourite thing about the Persona series I wanted to say a bit more about them and how they develop in this game. This was originally going to be a single post, but once it was written the word count was absurd and I decided to split it into two posts, this one for the girls followed by a later post about the boys. On a side note, I may also do a post for the antagonists, but for now it is Phantom Thieves only.

Something general I noticed was that since the returning characters already had well developed personalities, there wasn’t that much in the way of character development for most of them, however what Strikers did do was give them all a chance to shine in their own unique ways. This led to me developing a new appreciation for some of them and a renewed appreciation for others and I really wanted to share these thoughts with you.

What follows contains spoilers and may stray into unnecessary fan-girling. You have been warned. That said, let’s jump in and take a look at my thoughts on each of the girls.


Ann is the first character in the story that has a story-arc of her own, which revolves around the games’ first antagonist, fashion queen Alice Hiiragi. It was great to see Ann getting to shine helping a person she cares about and understands, despite them being deeply flawed. She has always been an interesting character in that she is earnest, caring and perceptive but also incredibly daft and cheeky. Whilst Strikers doesn’t necessarily develop her character much, it is packed full of amazing ‘Ann-isms’ (mostly related to cake, stating the obvious and slagging off Ryuji) and during the game I grew to like her more and more to the point she is now one of my favourite characters.


Again, nothing about Makoto really changes in Strikers but she has many stand out moments in the game that are beautifully fitting for her character. Her biggest moment comes when she is able to help young Akane through the struggles she is having with her father, Zenkichi. Their chat with each other was really touching and used Makoto’s own life experiences perfectly. She seems to love taking responsibility, and the fact she drives the bus for them for the majority of the trip really highlights how responsible she is. The fact that her idea of responsibility also covers punching the boys when they are being inappropriate is an added bonus which frequently had me laughing out loud.


Of all the characters in the game, Futaba is the one I felt was the most under-utilised, and I don’t think that is just because she is my favourite of the girls. Her hacking and computing skills are critical to the story and the gameplay, but I felt they didn’t really show off who she actually is. There were a few moments of interaction with the other characters where we saw her wonderful cheek and wit, but I also felt there were missed opportunities, particularly in the storyline with Akane. Although subtle, my favourite Futaba thing in this game was how nice she was to Zenkichi. I felt that unlike the others, she respected him and his responsibilities as an adult with a kind of child-like reverence.


Haru is the character I learned the most about on this journey. What I learned is that she is AMAZING and I love her. Her inexplicable mix of genteel heiress and axe-wielding lunatic is brilliant. She speaks so politely but often says pretty wild things that you would never expect to hear out of the mouth of such an elegant young lady. Like Ann, Haru also had her own story-arc in Strikers and I particularly liked it because the antagonist involved was someone she actually knew in real life. She has a surprising number of hilarious moments, but if we learned one thing from this game it is that you never ever let her drive!


Although newly introduced in Persona 5 Strikers, Sophia fits in almost immediately and the development of her story and character throughout the game is done extremely well. She is, in a sense, the central character in the game, and without going through everything that happens, she is the core of the story. As an AI, ‘Humanity’s Companion’ was never going to be quite the same as the other members of the team, but her ability to learn and seemingly understand emotions is super interesting in itself. She is involved in both the funniest and most emotional parts of the game and the evolution of her relationships with the other characters, particularly with her creator, are incredibly thought provoking. She is a memorable edition to this fantastic ensemble cast and although I find the idea of AI a bit weird, she is welcome on my phone any time!

So there is my analysis of the girls from Persona 5 Strikers. But what did you think of them? Did your opinions of any of these characters change as a result of playing this game? What did you make of the new character Sophia? Let me know all below in comments and I’ll be back soon with my analysis of the boys from the game!

Thanks for reading,

Pix1001 x

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