Top 5 Video Game Haircuts!

Hello dear readers and welcome to Shoot the Rookie! Today’s post is sure to be a very silly one but it should be a lot of fun too because today I’m revealing my top 5 haircuts in video games. So why not grab the straightening irons and some Elnett and come join me for some hair-raising silliness!

I used to write top 5 posts regularly here on Shoot the Rookie but it’s something I’ve cut down on in recent years. They are however a lot of fun to plan and write so now seemed like a good time to do another one. I also used to write a lot of articles relating to video game fashion. Again, it has been an age since I’ve taken on such a serious and divisive fun and colourful topic.

Competition for the five slots was fierce. Many excellent haircuts were dismissed along the way, leaving a trail of unhappy video game characters in my wake. Some of my choices may be obvious, others may surprise you, but I hope more than anything that you enjoy this bit of silliness as much as I enjoyed writing it!

So, in no particularly order, lets take a look at my top 5 haircuts in video games!

Pandoria (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)

I like Pandoria’s ‘do because it succeeds in that hard to achieve mix of styled and tousled, which makes her look great whilst also giving the impression she didn’t spend three hours messing with it in a mirror (which she did). Most people couldn’t pull off the colour but the way it perfectly matches her eyes just adds to the cute but feisty style, and finishing it off with a lightbulb accessory completes it, making it sure to impress any idiot Prince she might happen to know.

Shiragiku (Fatal Frame 5)

I wouldn’t recommend asking your hairdresser for this haircut unless you want to terrify everyone you know, but Shiragiku’s hair really is a thing of beauty. Having a gradient that makes it longer at the front is really in right now, and the feathering and ribbons are exquisite finishing touches. Sadly, her circumstances meant I didn’t get a chance to ask her if the colour is natural, but combined with the rest of the cut it really is the perfect way of being mysterious and compelling all at once.

Kazuya Mishima (Tekken series)

Product?! What product! Kazuya assures me this is an all natural style, but either way its gravity defying efforts are impressive. Apart from the obvious things in this hair style, the beauty of it is in the details. The way the ends of his hair are a bit choppy and the way it is cut into points that match his ridiculous eyebrows are really well thought-through additions that enhance his endearing ‘I’ll kill you’ aura.

Tae Takemi (Persona 5)

Another short and choppy one but this time there’s FRINGE. A choppy, messy, different-length fringe at that. Takemi’s hair is so sharp it is painful for us normal haired people to look at, but the way she turns sharp into an ‘I don’t care at all’ look by repositioning just a few strands is impressive. It’s almost as if she is challenging you to mess with it, although it seems unlikely many would be brave enough.

Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)

Ah yes. The king of hair. Sephiroth’s hair is so big and ridiculous I needed a bigger picture just to include it all. Long linked with some of the world’s top hair brands, he must use some serious product to keep the silly pointy bits at the front up whilst also retaining smoothness and lustre in the rest of it. Although he may not actually get it cut that often, he clearly needs to set a substantial amount of time aside to take care of it… unless there’s maybe some materia or something that does that?!?

So there are my picks for the top 5 video game haircuts! But what do you think? Are you going to ask for any of these do’s next time you visit a hairdresser? Maybe you would have featured more characters with long and lustrous locks, or maybe you think Cloud has better hair than Sephiroth? Let me know all below in comments and don’t forget to join me next time for more video game and anime nonsense (that may or may not be about hair).

Thanks for reading,

Pix1001 x

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