Top 5 Video Game Girls!

Hello dear readers and welcome to Shoot the Rookie. In today’s post I’m doing something I can’t believe I’ve never done before – listing my top 5 girls from video games! Why not join me to see who makes the list and why.

If you read my blog often you will be aware that I love a top 5. You may also be aware that a little while ago I dedicated posts to the discussion of my top 5 anime girls and boys. I’ve been blogging for more than 5 years and I can’t believe in all that time I’ve never put together lists of my top 5 video game girls and boys. With this post I’m starting to put that right.

Some readers may also know that I am a BIG fan of the JRPG genre. Therefore it may not surprise you that all my girls come from that genre. I honestly tried so hard to include people from different genres, and I would like to give a shout-out to my top ranked non-jrpg girl – Tina Armstrong from DOA – for nearly making the list, but at the end of the day it is probably right that all my girls are from JRPGs.

Before I get going, I would like to thank my partner Seb for helping me put this list together. He came up with a thorough and scientific method to help me narrow down the 20-odd names on my long-list, and without his help I’m not sure I could have got it down to 5!

With all that out of the way, lets take a look!

Fiora (Xenoblade Chronicles)

Let’s press on and on and on!

The first time I played Xenoblade Chronicles, Fiora was probably my least favourite main character. However, after playing the definitive edition she became one of my favourites. What I like best about her is her sheer exuberance. She is all about energy and wanton over-enthusiasm, and aside from the very serious story she has in the game which adds a whole other thing to her personality, she is an endless source of fun and I am so happy to have gotten to know her better in my second play through of the game!

Rita (Tales of Vesperia)


Rita has a bad temper, too little & too much confidence and zero tolerance of idiots. And she thinks everyone is an idiot. Scratch beneath the surface and you find a super intelligent and over sensitive young woman who needs help finding her place in the world, but I mostly like her because she never holds her tongue and is not shy of slapping the odd teammate or two. Her genius is essential to the continued existence of the world, but her feisty attitude goes a long way to making it a much more interesting place to be!

Eunie (Xenoblade Chronicles)

I’m just gonna lie here, and you can’t stop me!

I haven’t even finished Xenoblade Chronicles 3 yet but Eunie is undoubtedly best girl. Cheeky and tough on the outside, she loves winding up her teammates and is brazen in her self-confidence. Underneath this though you can tell she would give everything for those she fights with and has moments where both the horror and the wonder of the world she lives in scares her chatty, flippant self into silence.

Haru (Persona 5)


One part cream-bun and one part homicidal maniac, Haru has certainly mastered the art of duality. Although Ryuji was originally my favourite Persona 5 character, playing Strikers and replaying the original game changed my mind to make this sweet young psychopath my favourite. Drinking tea and growing vegetables are wonderfully wholesome pursuits, but I really hope that whoever gave this little rich girl an axe knew what they were doing.

Lora (Xenoblade Chronicles 2)

Ahh meat! The ultimate comfort food.

I’ve written about Lora many times, and once again as I include her in this list it strikes me how different she is from most of my favourite characters. Yes she has a fun cheeky side, but she is mostly a down-to-earth, genuine lady who has done her best with unexpected power and refuses to flee from helping those in need. Bright, charming and usually smiling, she was the only character who made it onto this list automatically and every time I think about her I feel a sense of friendship and strength, even if thinking about her still makes me have to bite back the tears.

So there it is! A definitive list of my top 5 video game girls. But what do you think? Would any of my picks make your top 5? Do you think perhaps I should have had more girls from the Xenoblade Chronicles series? Let me know below in comments and don’t forget to join me next time when I’ll be taking a look at my top 5 video game boys!

Thanks for reading,

Pix1001 x

4 thoughts on “Top 5 Video Game Girls!

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  1. I liked Rita a lot, but even more so, I’m glad to see someone else is as big of a fan of Haru as I am! She is so cute and sweet and yet still a total badass! I love her!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay 😀 So good to hear someone else likes Haru. I feel like I don’t see as much love for her as for some of the other characters! Thank you for reading!


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