The Rookie Plays… Xenoblade Chronicles: Future Connected

Hello dear readers and thanks for checking out my new post here on Shoot the Rookie. Today is another instalment of my occasional series where I take an in-depth look at a game I’ve recently completed. Today’s game is the Xenoblade Chronicles spin-off, Future Connected, so let’s jump right in to see if I’ve been really feeling it.

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Scotland Loves Anime 2020: In Review!

Good day dear readers and welcome to my review of Scotland Loves Anime 2020! Over the last month I’ve had the pleasure of watching many films that were shown online by the festival and now I have the great pleasure of sharing my thoughts on these films with you! So sit back and come join me for a romp through this year’s films and hopefully find some new titles that you want to watch.

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The Rookie Plays…The Sexy Brutale

Hello readers and welcome to the first edition of The Rookie Plays – a regular new slot here at Shoot the Rookie!

In this series I will be doing in-depth examinations of the games I’m playing right now in an attempt to add a more relevant and up-to-date feel to the blog *nods knowingly*.

In this, the inaugural edition, we are going to be delving into the glamorous but murky world of The Sexy Brutale. Continue reading “The Rookie Plays…The Sexy Brutale”

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