Top 5 Songs That Remind Me Of Games: The Final Fantasy Edition

Hello readers and welcome to November’s Top 5! After the success of May’s Top 5 – The Songs That Remind Me Of Games I have revisited the topic but with one difference – this time all the songs remind me of games from the Final Fantasy series. Get your headphones at the ready folks, you’re going to want to listen in on this one! Continue reading “Top 5 Songs That Remind Me Of Games: The Final Fantasy Edition”

The Beast From the East – A Snowy Top 5

In a change to the scheduled programming caused by extreme weather, I have shelved my planned Top 5 Villains post, and instead have gone with something a little more topical (well, at least it was topical a few days ago) – SNOW. So having had a lot of time on my hands after being trapped in my house for three days due to a weather event called the Beast from the East, I have had the opportunity to put together my top 5 snowy locations in video games. Hope you’ve got some firewood at the ready! Continue reading “The Beast From the East – A Snowy Top 5”

Hero Worship (A Top 5)

Here is February’s top 5 list and this month we’re looking at heroes. The concept of ‘the hero’ in video games is a well-worn path. Those who have been branded with the tag are too numerous to name, and many others fill the role, even if their contribution isn’t recognized as such. But what does it really mean to be a hero, and do our favourite video game heroes really deserve to be called as such? Let’s take a look and find out! Continue reading “Hero Worship (A Top 5)”

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