The Great JRPG Character Face-Off: The Results!

Hello dear readers and welcome to an extremely exciting day here at Shoot the Rookie! Yes that’s right, today is the day you have all been waiting for as me and the best blogging collaborator, Winst0lf, reveal the results of The Great JRPG Character Face-Off! So come join me as I reveal the community’s favourite JRPG characters as voted for by you!

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Seriously Geeky Sundays: Back to School!

Hello dear readers and welcome to another Seriously Geeky Sundays post here on Shoot the Rookie! I’ve missed the last couple of these but had to make a return for this one as today’s questions relate to fictional schools – one of my favourite locations for games and anime to take place. So why not join me to find out more about some of these wonderful educational establishments!

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