The Super Mario Multiverse – Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker!

Hello dear readers and welcome to this special edition of Shoot the Rookie! Why special you ask? Well today’s post is part of a huge collaboration in which bloggers from around the world write about different games from the Super Mario universe. Organised expertly by the Well-Red Mage, we will be deep-diving into the world of Mario looking at each of the titles individually, so make sure you head on over to the main page where Red himself has put together the ultimate guide to this collection of writings which is commonly known as the Super Mario Multiverse. Continue reading “The Super Mario Multiverse – Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker!”

Easy vs Fun: The Case for Captain Toad

Do you know what I love? Easy games. But how do you decide if a game is too easy? Does deliberately making games easy lead to them being less fun? I’ve found that whilst games critics often praise games for being difficult, if a game is dismissed as being too easy, there can be an intimation that it is no fun. So here I want to celebrate games made with an understanding that being easy and being fun are not mutually exclusive.

Continue reading “Easy vs Fun: The Case for Captain Toad”

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