The Great JRPG Character Face-Off: The Full List!

Hello dear readers and welcome to another special edition of Shoot the Rookie. Last week me and fellow blogger Winst0lf revealed the results of The Great JRPG Character Face-Off. Although those posts marked the end of the event I wanted to do one more post in order to reveal every single character who was voted for in the event. So why not join me as I reveal the identity of all 86 characters!

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Hero Worship (A Top 5)

Here is February’s top 5 list and this month we’re looking at heroes. The concept of ‘the hero’ in video games is a well-worn path. Those who have been branded with the tag are too numerous to name, and many others fill the role, even if their contribution isn’t recognized as such. But what does it really mean to be a hero, and do our favourite video game heroes really deserve to be called as such? Let’s take a look and find out! Continue reading “Hero Worship (A Top 5)”

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